So you’re a seasoned songwriter, or may be you just started out! Deciding to work on your originals is still not so competitive 😉 (yes, even in 2022!). Here are some rare advices that you might need when you’re on this ‘album-making’ journey!

Practise on a Daw
Digital audio workstations (DAWs) enable you to produce songs from scratch to the very final, spotify-ready product! This is in contrast to free, simple, but great recording software like Audacity, where modulations and changes to the audio are limited. The DAW allows you to modulate all elements of the sounds and waveforms as well as mix, master, and produce them. DAWs used by professional engineers include Pro Tools Logic Pro, FL Studio Cubase, and many more. Practicing on a DAW will help you understand the composition, sound, and energy levels of a song. A workstation can help you familiarize yourself with each aspect of the song in detail, such as the pre-chorus, chorus, solos, bridge, etc. 

Understand the different sections of a Song

Understand the different sections of the song taking from the last point, extending on it a little bit more in detail and elaborating on it. The different aspects of a song require different energy levels, different. As an example, the pre-chorus and the chorus come together at the same time, but the pre-chorus is usually a bit less energetic than the chorus so that the impact is felt. If you are writing a song with a DAW, make sure you know what the different sections of a song are depending on your genre. There are elements, instruments, sections that are unique to genres of music, whether it is electronic or pop. It has a lot to do with the genre’s tempo and rhythm. Understanding the song aspects in detail will make you a better composer over time!

Look at your sound in terms of Energy & Rhythm

No matter what your genre is, there is a rhythm to it. Even a jazz song with complex patterns & verses, it still has a rhythm. The Blues have a rhythm. So does rock, reggae or electronic music. So, when you are practicing on a DAW, be precise on how you can make the rhythm of the track as groovy as possible! Consider your sound from the perspective of energy, because different energies are present in the song. Maybe it’s a high impact track or a low energy blues. Nothing is right or wrong here. A mid-tempo energy grid is great for listening on a long drive. There’s a place and mood for every style of song.

Create songs that matter to you not with a hook line to get famous
Compose & write songs about topics that matter to you. You don’t need a hook line to become famous overnight. In order for your music to be evergreen and live on throughout the years, you have to understand that whatever you make, as long as your feelings are reflected in it and you do it correctly, has to be something you love. Maybe it’s the Evergreen song that people are listening to decades later. There are some songs that make the artist immortal even after they are long gone. It depends on you. You want to create a song or a legacy that will endure for a month or two.

Blend your instruments well with the meaning of the song

Anytime you have a solo in a song that expresses a deep, meaningful story, the solo itself should continue the meaning that was left after the bridge. Even the drum kit, the snare, and even the high hat give the song its vibe, so based on that vibe you choose those instruments. The selection of instruments and the selection of notes of every instrument must be in harmony. They also choose the right meaning for the song. It might not give you the impact you want if you have a meaningful song, a soulful song, but your snare sounds like one of the hip hop tracks.

Tell a story
Become inspired by lyricists and songwriters. For too long, seasoned songwriters have been creating repetitive song patterns that work in this industry. If you listen to a lot of lyricists you admire, you might be able to draw inspiration from them. It may not come naturally to everyone to write lyrics, but if it does, great! For inspiration, listen to more and more songs in your genre or the genre that you like to produce in that particular style. You may find that some of the songs out there already have a similar vibe to what you want in your album. Give them a listen. Take notes, jot down key points, and understand that lyrics play an equally important role in songwriting.  

Get inspired by lyricists and songwriters

Every song, the meaning of it, can be related to the person who’s listening to it. The person can have his The meaning of every song is different depending on the person who is listening to it. When someone listens to a song, they can have visuals of their own lives occur to them. A song can have a profound impact on someone. So when you are making a song, if you tell a story, it can connect the parts of the song that blend well together. Sort of like someone telling a story. So tell a story!

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