Meet the Flintstone of the Fruity Loop Era!


Back then, there was no saving method in 3.1 trial. Fl 3.1. But at the same time, that still wouldn’t deter me and i’d find myself indulged in deep production work, understanding how waves would work, letting the ear decode the spectrum for hours and hours. Initially, it was the Fruity Loop Interface that ignited my fascination with the whole idea of making music on the PC – it was a little overwhelming with tons of knobs and toggles, but everything was laid out so naturally and carefully that it made such a difference to the process.

Fruity Loops also looked appealing to those who don’t want to feel like they are working on a worksheet, and so the interface was a major factor. The third reason is ease of use. I could see the channels settings and primary five windows. This is how I arranged music or music composition in my mind to be able to do that, and I instantly related to Okay, these are the next steps.

These 5-Windows would be

The Playlist
Piano Roll
Step Sequencer

In those days, computers were brand new, which meant that FL 3.1 wasn’t available for purchase. This was an era in which I was seven years old, and now it is 20 years later. As you can imagine, there were fewer online transactions and I never thought of buying enough or buying software online as a kid. I downloaded whatever I got like a little kid downloading things for free and wanting to do things. In the beginning, I couldn’t save my creations, but I was so hooked that I couldn’t stop. As an example, I would sit for seven to eight hours working on compositions; but I would know that after seven hours I would not be able to save it. Yeah! You can call this the production-driven drug abuse I was in and it was pure excitement!

Still, I would do it just to learn. It helped because as soon as the sound started, it was like an adrenaline rush; you jumped for the hats and the snares, and how the progression worked along and the composition developed. Eventually Yeah, you need a set of trade deals, which takes years of practice. I liked what I did despite that being just a start. Every day, for example, I would choose a song. I loved a certain music and would try to recreate the whole song either in the same vibe or something else.

So I tried to use modal VSTS but they were, they all started with probably Slayer, four, three SOSC very basic limiters, the native effects, plugins, reverb plugins, everything’s so native, we’re trying to get the best sound try to figure out sound. So, at that time I do remember I used to put most of my time in finding sounds which were closer to what I needed. Sometimes I will just go in for like 15 minutes to just decode reverse reverb and OB just so those kinds of details are needed, why am I mentioning this? Because over the years, yeah, sometimes you get to try to do some things faster, but that when you take time into things you just product could just come out beautiful.

And that time I realized that yeah, production is is a time-consuming time taking as well as some kind of niche which nobody probably in the whole world, you know, take so seriously that they will devote 20 years or 30 years so that when when things are so difficult, there are very few people who would go for it. You know Just so basic, international today’s international level mixes, even even if you learn from a production perspective, from basic, so your entire journey of your ears getting evolved through the journey will take still one half to three years, depending on what kind of musical genes you have a lot, a lot depends on that as well, because a lot of people have musical fathers and mothers and they kind of get it, you know, the, the brain is musical. So you believe it or not, it’s, it’s a lot to do with this

So your brain can be wired to be musical, you know, musical people have different brains, you know that. And for that reason, very few people would go into it. So one of the reasons was that, wow, this is a crazy niche, sometimes, when the competition would be so high, still, I would be able to do this niche, because some so few people are doing it. So if you even consider the numbers today, I don’t know. But it will come out to less than a lakh for decent producers throughout the whole world who can make your tracks sound like Grammy-engineered tracks are internationally, you know, blah, blah, blah, stata tracks or tracks worth going out. But over the last three to four years, or, or maybe I will just stretch out too strict six to seven years, I guess. Because there are a lot of people who might have been working at their homes who are not coming out. So you never know. So six, Trump last six to seven years, maybe the homework started even 15 years ago. But a lot, a lot has grown; a lot of people have started coming in. But there are a lot of new bees in the production scene who have started like two years ago and the kind of, you know, who want to just put it out there that they know shit. But trust me, guys, this is-this is a production. This is logistics. While this is just like launching a stage show, you can do it in a day, you need 1000 people’s engineering, and everybody is doing their part properly. And just believing that everybody has done that correctly, if they take the fun launch, and some sometimes it just still doesn’t work.

And production is something like that, your your ears, your faculty, you need to train them, you know, first, and then you, you need to rely on everything. How many hours you produce also depends, it also works because if you are working on a beat for hours, your ears will start to perceive the beat in a different way. And you will start developing different lower production instances, when people have said that whatever they started in the last night making something in the last night there, they ended up doing worse was thinking up, they ended up failing it by the morning. So there, they wished they could revert back to the last backup.

So yeah, for this matter, also I use, I use different save as techniques, you should always save as NFL, if you want to just save all the rewards all the backup copies, you know, just like probably in WordPress, if you see the if you make any edits in a page, you will you will see you can see the revisions have lost so many edits, and you can revert back to any of the backup you want. So in the same way we we might be, our ears might deceive us, you know. So this is tricky, you know this. So all I knew was that the production was fascinating. This gives you the power of making a track famous viral overnight without the video as well, just with the audio spec. And a lot of people have done at that time; I was also listening to the song called Usher –

And this song data data, you know, that will select these two notes. I just put it out there and I felt I could create it for like probably five minutes; a lot of producers will agree, then, that drag can be produced in 20 minutes. But at the same time it is so vital, so you know how last week was not doing it. So it was fascinating as well as my ears were kind of drained to it. Because not just because this industry is not so competent. So I got it. I was passionate about it. And luckily I was not just a guitarist or singer because singers are many like over the years. They’re coming on so many singers now. Guitar is a performance live performance, but the mixing engineers and producers, they’re still growing, you know, there’s, they’re just still growing here, I would love to mention it

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