The purpose of this article is to provide you with an overview of the history of Rock and Roll in the East. Also, to discuss the current music scene out here, its pros and cons. If you ask the majority of the public opinion, many of those evolved ears out there are quite dissatisfied with a lot of the new music coming out, while others just don’t seem to care. It doesn’t matter whether it’s another gloomy rap song with bought beats from another country, or if it’s the pattern of the rap sounding monotonous.

A lot of musicians whose work has been timeless for our country left the scene because of the overcrowding of amateur music that has flooded the digital streams in recent years. Lucky Ali even sought out new music in London with live musicians. Their departure from the country to work on their musical projects is not exactly a blessing for us. While artists with songs with memorable melodies that last just a month in our minds continue to flood the streaming platforms. Buy beats from the middle east, pay off a resource less lyricist and hire a BMW to launch himself. Aren’t we tired of such made-up artists?

People go crazy about a hook, or a single word, and some songs so shitty as Selfie Maine Le Lia get mainstream attention, while many timeless compositions from different parts of the country, by the underdog talented artists of the nation, remain under the radar or a few thousands. It is not apparent why our mainstream ears have not evolved to understand deeper compositions and show appreciation to artists who spend months writing one masterpiece.

Universal Music Styles like Blues

As a result, one song called “Inteha Ho Gayi…” appeared in the name of blues in India. There is no blues in India, nor is there opera. They are such expressive styles of music that transcend countries and regions. The Blues Scale is universal, so why aren’t there more mainstream Blues artists? So, first of all, mainstream Indian audiences need to develop a better understanding of music and sound.

We should promote the magnificent Indian Folk Music

Similarly, India’s folk music is magnificent, but it’s not given much credit by mainstream media, just as Blues and Oprah are universal languages, and they aren’t country specific. We’ll share a couple of links below, but we need to ask, what do we do? Outsiders are using Indian instruments in fantastical ways no matter what we do, so let’s see what we can do to change that. Krishna Das turned all Indian chances into Grammy-winning albums, and he sold millions of copies. What are we doing? He is a US citizen who later named himself Krishna Das for his devotion and learnings in the subject.

Last word for an Independent Musician

Whether you’re a singer / songwriter with an incredible knack for original compositions, or an uninspired fresh take on the genre and signature of your album, go for it. Live your Era. You’d be lucky if you found your set of fans / followers who were able to relate to your style of music rather than succumbing to a style that wasn’t originally yours. You are unique. Be original! As a musician, what do you think of the current music scene? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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