IF you could build any kinda ship what would it be? I would build a relationship
ARE YOU A cigarrete? Coz you r smokin hot and i dnt wanna put ur butt in my mouth
If you were a Zombie which part of me would you eat first?
If you be my girlfriend you can cure my CMS…Chronic Masturbation Syndrome..

You’ve something on ur butt….my eyes
You’ve something on your face…beauty
If you were a bugger, i wud pick u first
If you were a homework i wud do u on the table
If you were a potato, you’d be a sweet potato
If you’d be a triangle you’d be an acute triangle
DId it hurt, when you fall from heaven
Can i get directions….to ur heart?
I wrote Awesome on the GPS and i got to u
When I was born I got two choices, to have an perfect memory or to have a large penis, I dnt remember what i chose.
What’s your favorite 10-digit number combination?
Can I borrow your phone to call God and tell him I found his missing angel
Did the sun come out or you just smiled at me
Kiss me if i’m wrong but is ur name margaret?
Did we go to different Schools together?

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