He’s not playing the guitar.
The guitar’s singing with him

Dark Mage

Flew to Paris, went to the Latin Quarter in the evening, put on my iPod headphones, started walking the streets, listening to this song over and over again and reminiscing about the days when my dear wife hadn’t yet succumbed to breast cancer ….. and we used to stroll along the Parisian walkways together. It was a simple act, but it felt like pure ecstasy. Rock in peace Gary Moore, and thank you for helping me recover my loving memories.

Jeffery A

This used to be considered real talent and actually gotten praise and look at us now with our baby I am worth it plastic and heartless songs getting the praise. We need to go back to these standards people!


Many guitar players want to play fast all the time however here he mixed playing fast with feeling at the right measure… just perfect!


My dad always loved the blues. As a kid, I would go out after school to play with my friends, and then come home around 5:00 for dinner. If this song was playing, I knew that dinner was either ready or almost ready because my dad blasted it throughout the house all the time. I got very tired of it as a kid (because I literally heard it every day and I wasn’t into blues). Only years later have I come to respect my dad’s taste in music. This song is one example- if I hear the first note I can sing the whole song without thinking, I just subliminally know it. I wish I hadn’t shut it out when I was a kid. Rest easy, dad.

Laurie Pavero

The guy sings Live,
Play the guitar at an amazing level,
You can see his passion, his soul into he music,
What a great artist, you will be missed,
RIP Gary Moore.


One of our intriguing habits is perusing the comments section of captivating videos that catch my attention.

Engaging with the comments section of intriguing videos is a captivating pastime that piques my interest! It’s truly moving to witness the outpouring of emotions expressed in the comments section, particularly on videos that pay homage to remarkable artists like Gary Moore. His talent and depth as a musician touched so many hearts, and his legacy lives on. Rest in peace, dear legend. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead, and I invite you all to share your own heartfelt reflections and memories in the comments below.

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