My Journey as a Producer started with FL Ver 3.1

Meet the Flintstone of the Fruity Loop Era! Yes! Back then, there was no saving method in 3.1 trial. Fl 3.1. But at the same time, that still wouldn’t deter me and i’d find myself indulged in deep production work, understanding how waves would work, letting the ear decode the spectrum for hours and hours. […]

7 ways to get the crowd jive with you during live gigs!

Have you been doing live gigs frequently? You want the crowd to be involved with greater enthusiasm, but all you get at times is a few claps from the tables near and far. Don’t worry! You still got the X Factor. It’s just that the musician has to keep in mind a few extra things […]

8 tips to grow fanbase in 2022 for musicians!

Do gigs! If you’re a musician but not doing gigs, it’s a travel. Gigs are where the real fan base grows. The people who watch your life are going to be loyal to you. One person attending your gig and becoming your fan is equivalent to hundreds of people who are subscribing to you on […]